Traveling Exhibition

Art collection about Genesis

Betesda rents exhibits and entire collections which can be borrowed to museums, 

galleries and other institutions, churches, for private purposes, consistent with 

gallery values or evangelization.

The availability of exhibits 

must be confirmed each time.

The landlord pays for renting and transport (or he can pick 

up the paintings and bring them in person). Churches do not pay 

for rent and are responsible for security

exhibits. Advertising materials are passed along with the exhibition.

We encourage you to organize evangelistic exhibitions

from the collection of our artists.

Contact us to determine the details;

See art collection & Artist

Paintings, photography, graphics,

poster, movie, music about 

Genesis, part 1 and 2.

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 Their art was exhibited at the First Betesda International Exhibition of Art  in Monterey, California in USA.

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