Charity Art Auction about Holy Spirit Gifts you can see after 25 November 2018. Charity Art Auction about Genesis from Monterey, California you can see or buy here:

About Charity Art Auction


If you are interested in the works of Artists, and You would like to talk about the Book of Genesis with friends with art help, you can use reproductions of Art for free to evangelize and talk about God in Your church, community or friends.

If you want to place reproductions in a presentation or website, please due to the preservation of copyrights for placing the artist's first name and surname, and the name or link to our website.: or Christian Art Gallery. 

In the Future You can find here more Art for evangelism. 

Reproductions can be used for evangelistic purposes, but can not be reproduced without our consent. If you wanted to print any of the images, write to us for what purpose you need.

Charity Art Auction online

Art from exhibition, you will also be able to purchase Works of Art online at auction anywhere in the world.

Typing the artist's name and surname in the search engine, or use the button under the artist's photo on our website

Part of the money from online auction will help needy and poor and homelles in Monterey. Artist will give this money to San Carlos Church in Monterey.

You can buy Art works  from our Artist

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Reproductions of Art

At any time you will also can order Reproductions of Art on paper or canvas of any size for Your home or like a gift. So we can send You everywhere in the world. You can order a print in any size and ask about details by email:

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Marek Jaromski


 He  born 19 June 1953 in Kutno. Marek is a Polish famous graphic Artist. He  creates works from the borderline of graphics, drawing, painting and  sculpture. Reflected on the paper produced by him, the graphics compose  the installation.  

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Ventzislav Piriankov


 Ventzislav  Piriankov is Bulgarian artist living in Poland. Studied at the Academy  of Fine Arts in Sofia and in Poznan. Then he established his private Art  School in Poznan which is the best one preparing students for Poznan  Art Academy. Ventzi Art Studio is the kind of Art Center, every day  gathering plenty of young people and art lovers. His paintings are  inspired by Byzantine Art, Christian and Orthodox Culture and Tradition. 

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Maja Borowicz


 Artist / Maja Borowicz is a painter, graphic designer, designer. He  paints digital and oil painting techniques that are a part of  surrealism, on the verge of magical realism and emotional realism. All  images of the artist arise from a combination of imagination, talent by  modern technology and traditional handicrafts. In addition to the  excellent craftsmanship, viewers see deep mysticism and emotionality in  her works. The recipient can get the impression that his soul is taken  in a journey through time and space, where he experiences the history of  the characters depicted in the paintings of the artist. 


Jonathan Lowe


 Artist is an oil painter from Elk Grove.  He studied illustration at the Academy  of Arts in San Francisco.
His works can be found in some  galleries in Sacramento. 

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Lubosław Piriankov


 Lubo  was born in 2001, now is 16 years old, is in the first grade of high  school. With art has to from birth, growing up in an artistic family.  Professional training in the figure began at the age of 9 years. She is  interested in drawing, painting and graphic design. On his pretty a  short yet artistic path, has already achieved several achievements. 


Ann Kate


Artist, Designer, Teacher of Art. Her works can be found in private collections in the world and in the National Museum in Krakow. In her artistic accomplishments she had the pleasure of working with the Art Group to paint the mural for the Pope's greeting   in Country of Georgia.

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Edyta Losiewicz


Her artistic career began with her studies at the Art Colege School in Warsaw, in the direction of the design. In 2007 she graduated from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in Portugal. Art Director at the Advertising Agency and Artist perfectly combines different styles and categories of art into an extraordinary whole.

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Irene Willard


Half French half-polish living in Italy. A talented photographer whose works have been exhibited in many European countries. 

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Will Pettee / WJP Studios


Will is iteda classical figurative and portrait sculptor who works in bronze to create both one of a kind and limited edition works. WJP Studios is a fine art business in Monterey.

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Karen Pettee / WJP Studios


 Karen seeks to share the beauty of nature in all its natural wonder in her land and seascapes. WJP Studios is a fine art business in Monterey.

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Marta Zarębska


She born in 1991 in Łódź. In the years 2004 - 2010 she attended the General School of Fine Arts in Lodz, where she received a diploma in Plastic Arts. In 2010 she started studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Received a Master of Fine Arts degree with distinction in June 2015. She took part in many outdoor events, workshops, as well as individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her works are in collections of the Museum of Ethnography and Artistic Industry in Ukraine.

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Matthew Golon


Golon is an artist and an architect. He graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning. Is CEO in see. Ltd.

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Larysa Jaromska


Graduaded from Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. Painter, graphic designer, art director. Participated in group exhibition - Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Greece.

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Stephanie Moore


Stephanie is an Artist from from Ottawa, on Canada. She creates an illustration, a painting and a photographs. In her art we find Jewish and Christian influences.

What kind of charity you support

The poor


Among the Monterey community there 

are poor people, with no means of living, Sometimes they need food and clothes.



Sometimes you ask God for a miracle. Because it's not enough for you. In the meantime, 

miracles happen when 

we do not pass indifferently next 

to another person who may 

be hungry, refracted or sick.



Many people are sleeping under the open sky, under trees, by the water, in cars, because they don't have home or they come to Monterey 

make dreams come true. They live without food, drinking or feeding.

Online Art Auction

ArtWorks from International Art Exhibition in Monterey You can buy 

on online auction.

Under the picture of each artist you will find a link to the work of his paintings, which You can buy. Part of the funds will be dedicated to poor and homeless people in the Diocese of Monterey, for San Carlos Church in Monterey.

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If you are interested in an art or painting , which is no longer on sale or you want to place an individual order with an Artist please write to us at:

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