Why the reality exists? How the World began?

Each of us is asking this question.
Artists have prepared an Art that tries to answer this question. Inspired by the Book of Genesis. In the symbolic poem of Genesis we read how the world was created. The world is God's revelation, and all that exists is created by Him. God is the only master of creation, and besides Him, there is no one who deserves to be dignity like God. We can see in the Genesis that God is the Lord of creation, space and time. 

So how world began or how it was created by God in the beginning? 

Read the Genesis, Chapter 1 and 2 and come see what the Interantional Artists think about it
and show in their artistic works.

Why God create a World and Living Beings?

What God wants to tell us about the world an about ourselves? 

We read in the Bible that everything what He created was good and beautiful and when God was created a Human, He said: was very good and very beautiful. The book of Genesis tells us how important we are to God, how much we should respect our lives, our bodies, each other and the world which
we have taken care of. Genesis shows us a perfect world where animals
and people live in peace and harmony.

Do you want to know who we are?

Do you want to know who we are as human beings created by the grater Creator?  We will tell you our story! It begins in a perfect world, full of respect, love and care, without violence, hatred and fighting. Genesis talks about the true state of happiness, whom every human heart seeks. We was created as very good and very beautiful. Come and see this Beauty in Art! 

What was the first relationship like?

God created Humans in his own image.
He didn't want the man and woman to live without each other. He created them from one matter, giving them His breath of life. Man and woman - they are one body, they were created to live in unity and harmony. Their relationship was blessed by God, like all world. 

What were Adam and Eve? How was their relationship?

They were happy! WHY?

They were in communion with God. They have His breath of life. They were one body. They were free of suffering. They were immortals. They had a free will to strive for good. They were good, intelligent, lived in a lasting relationship and in harmony with nature, themselves and God.

So in Genesis we can see the recipe for a happy, sacred marriage of respect, peace and love.
So come and see how our Artist feel this story about Adam and Eve.

Story about Genesis.

In the ancient world, before the rise of the Bible, around the year 1800 BC, the Babylonian poem Enuma Elish was created, and around 1250 BC, a different Gilgamesh poem was created and talked about creating the world with the participation of many gods. The Book of Genesis, presenting the creation of the world, says that there is no god, and there is no deity that could limit the power of One God-Creator.

Where we can find all inspiration to make Art?

God it's the best Creator, but we also have His breath inside us. We can see His Work of Creation and we can watch the nature, in which beauty is hidden. This beauty also you can see in the works of the Artists.